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Quality CBD Sellers Cooperative

This summer, the companies of the Quality CBD Cooperative participated in a CBD marketplace event in New York City.

While many of us sell something similar to each other – we all have unique products to offer. Our goal to promote the quality companies of this Cooperative.

You may be reading this because you know one of the nine Cooperative companies. We’re glad to have you review not only our products, but those of the Cooperative’s members!

Thank you for supporting any or all of us!

Smart Hemp CBD — CBD for Pets

Cooperative Member Companies

1) Liberty International CBD
Website: https://www.libertyinternationalcbd.com
Phone #: 267-225-3611

2) Cornerstone Botanicals
Website: https://cornerstonebotanicals.com
Email: Sales@CornerstoneBotanicals.com

3) American Hemp Co.
Website: https://americanhempco.com
Email: info@americanhempco.com

4) Smart Hemp CBD – for Pets
Website: https://www.mysmarthempcbd.com
Email: cs@MySmartHempCBD.com

5) HempXtra
Website: https://hempxtra.com
Email: info@hempxtra.com

6) Dutch Farms Organics
Website: https://www.dutchfarmsorganics.com
Email: dutchfarms420@icloud.com

7) CBD Best Oil
Website: https://cbdbestoil.com
Email: cbdbestoil@gmail.com

8) Healthy Hempies
Website: https://www.healthyhempies.com
Email: info@healthyhempies.com

9) Ivy Rose Personal Care Products
Website: https://ivyrosepcp.com
Email: sales@ivyrosepcp.com

For more information about each of the CBD Cooperative companies — here’s a link to a PDF you can open and read (or download).  Each company highlights a unique CBD product — and we think everyone will be interested in them — and we encourage you to check them out!  Quality CBD Sellers Cooperative

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